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Why Buy Silver? 5 Reasons to Invest In Silver Now

Nowadays, just like gold, people are also developing a strong affection towards silver. People are developing an interest in silver as it is highly affordable. For this reason, just like its big brother, gold, physical silver is being craved for investment purposes.

Investing In Silver

Many people wonder whether investing in silver can be a great option. Also, when it’s the perfect time to buy silver? Well, there is no definite time frame to purchase physical silver. However, it would be better if one invests in the metal when its price gets a dip.

Now, people are investing in physical silver, not only for diversifying their investment portfolio, it is serving other purposes. The other reasons to invest in silver are mentioned in the rest of the blog.

Reason to Invest In Silver

If you are interested to know the compelling reasons, go through the rest of the blog.

1. Silver Acts As Real Money

The main reason to buy silver is that silver still acts as money. Even if it’s not a part of any country’s currency; still, it can be created very easily. Unlike ETF’s or future contracts or certificates, physical silver which is real money can carry great benefits. Studies have shown that physical silver, unlike ETFs can provide following benefits:

  • It doesn’t hold any counter party risks. However, risks are always present with the stocks or bonds.
  • Unlike other investment, owning physical silver doesn’t hold any default risk.

 2. Silver is Cheap

Basically, the price of silver is very cheap. One can buy silver at 1/10th or 1/70th the price of gold. The low price of the item allows an average investor to invest in this precious metal easily. This means even if one can’t buy 1 ounce of gold, they can buy silver. Also, the low rate of the item makes it ideal for gifting purpose.

 3. Physical Silver Can Act As A hard Asset

You might own various kinds of investments. However, you may not be able to hold them with your hand. When you buy silver in physical form it stands high in contrast to other assets. One can hold as many numbers of silver coin or bars. Being tangible, one can avoid cybercrime that is usually associated with digital silver

 4. Silver Can Beat Gold

Investors know it very well that the market for silver is a small one. Depending on the amount of money invested in silver, the price of physical silver depends. Unlike the bear markets, in bull markets, the price of silver is even more than gold.

 5. Silver Can Be More Practical Option

People buy silver not only for its affordability but also for the fact that it’s easy to sell. During financial emergencies, one can easily sell their silver coin. Moreover, silver bullion can be sold in any part of the world virtually.

These are some practical reasons for investing in silver

Expert investors know that physical silver doesn’t carry the same austerity as gold and thus silver is likely to get lost in the process. Still, investing in silver is considered to be a far better option: for securing their wealth and for remaining protected against a financial crisis.