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5 Simple Ways to Maintain and Clean Wood Made Cabinets

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The kitchen becomes dirty from time to time in spite of cleaning the kitchen on a regular basis. It is extremely difficult to maintain a spotlessly clean kitchen in spite of having a hectic schedule. If you are planning to maintain your kitchen, you can look for kitchen cabinets online for contractors. The contractors will help you keep your kitchen clean without removing the finish or causing any damage to the kitchen cabinets. Read more to come across some useful tips for maintaining a sparkling kitchen.

Water and Dish Soap Solution

While cleaning the kitchen using a solution of dish soap and water is extremely common. It is mild enough and does not cause any damage to the paint or finish. The solution is strong enough to remove the dirt and grime. Before using the store-bought cleaners or chemicals, one needs to test the cleaner on an inconspicuous part of the cabinet. The cleaner should be used only when it has not tarnished or stained the finish or removed the paint. You can utilize the tips for cleaning kitchen cabinets online for contractors.

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Warm Water and White Vinegar

A large number of people have moved away from the store-bought cleaners and are making home-made cleaners from the ingredients which are commonly found in the kitchen. A cleaning solution can be prepared by mixing one part white vinegar to one part warm water. Vinegar is not to strong and the smell also dissolves after the cabinets dry. In case, you are not pleased with the smell of vinegar, and then you can add two or three drops of natural oil.

Steps for Cleaning the Outside

When the outside portion of the kitchen cabinets online for contractors is cleaned, the entire sponge needs to be submerged in the cleaning solution. The cleaning solution is wrung out before proceeding to the cabinet. After cleaning one side, the sponge needs to be rinsed in water before being dipped again in the cleaning solution. The process has to be repeated until all the cabinets are cleaned.

Cleaning the Inside

After cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets online for contractors, one has to clean the inside portion as well. You need to empty the entire cabinet before cleaning it. It is advisable to vacuum the inside of the cabinet for removing the crumbs. You can use a wash rag or damp sponge dipped in fresh cleaning solution to wipe the inside of the cabinets. It is very important that you wring out the sponge so that no water is collected in the cabinet. In case you observe some tough scrub then you can use baking soda.

Polishing the Cabinets

In order to make the kitchen cabinets online for contractors looks like new again, you need to polish them. You can opt for oil, waxes, aerosols polishes depending on your choice and requirement. You should apply the polish with a dry, clean towel or microfiber cloth. Many products have a different effect on the cabinet finishes and hence it is best to read the instructions before using.