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4 Things to Look for When Picking a Great Bong/Water Pipe

Are you interested to buy a new bong? If yes, you might agree with the fact that buying bongs remain one of the most daunting tasks. In fact, the old design of bongs has received an upgrade. Moreover, one gets to see bongs in different styles and sizes. In order to make one’s search for bongs easy, one can simply follow the rest of the blog.

Beginners who want to buy bongs in Canada can turn to expert advice. Experts can guide beginners in a step by step manner in order to make their purchase an easy one.  Only after following the details, one would be able to pick the perfect bong/ water pipe.

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Things to Keep In Mind

 When one plans to buy a bong, it is important to take into account certain important things. They are:

  • Lung Capacity

Before you head to a store to purchase a bong, you must remain well-aware of your lung capacity. One should consider the time-frame till which they can hold their breath. It is an important criterion as one should always buy bongs in Canada that work perfectly for them. In short, one should use a bong or water pipe that offers a great level of comfort.

For instance, if one plans to use a four-foot long bong, it won’t offer comfortable smoke. Similarly, a person won’t be able to enjoy as they won’t be able to hold their breath for a long time.

  • Brand

When one is considering purchasing a bong, one would come across different brands. While some brands can offer a great level of consistency, some bongs may not be able to provide that. Also, high-end bongs can come with a huge pricing.

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Hence, first-time users shouldn’t opt for a higher priced bong. Instead, they should buy bongs in Canada that are not highly charged. Although, personal preference remains the most important priority of a buyer; still one should go for the one that meets their need.

  • Materials

Another important thing which needs to be considered when buying a bong is the material. One should try to select a suitable material with which the bong should be made. Bongs can be made of glass or ceramic. However, one should go for glass bongs.

However, if you plan to buy bongs made of glass, the thickness of the glass should be considered. If thick glass is used for the bongs, it can cost you a little more. On the other hand, cheap water pipes come with thin glass.

Next thing which needs to be checked is the way the downstem is attached to the water chamber. Usually, high-quality bongs come with a rubber gasket that fits tightly to the main chamber of the bong.

  • Extras 

A bong is meant to cool down the smoke before it hits the lungs. So when you buy bongs, make sure it comes with additional attachments like splash guard, ice pinch etc. These attachments can provide users with the best experience.

Once you become aware of these basic facts, buying a bong would become easy. However, to be on the safe side, consulting a professional is always important.